Current Job Openings

Senior Support Engineer

Job description

The ULUD Company invites a talented Senior Engineer to the Support Team. Our cool Team uses various approaches to achieve explosive performance in the domain of technical support. The highly responsible approach of each of the employee is the guarantee of our success. As a Senior Support Engineer, you will be the most responsible person for the successful solving of more complicated challenges. You should be ready to communicate with all types of client all over the world. We are glad to see driven people who set their own and the development of the company as a priority.

Key responsibilities

  • to provide rapid assistance to the employees of the Clients in eliminating defects, to detect, localize and eliminate mistakes;
  • to provide support, training and consulting to the employees of the Clients on the issues connected to the use and exploitation of the ULUD Products and Services;
  • to diagnose the sources of the malfunction;
  • to cooperate with the employees of the Clients in collecting the information on the application received;
  • to improve the process of the technical support provision;
  • to accept and process applications;
  • to register malfunction in the internal registration system, to control the process of their elimination;
  • to update the users’ documentation;
  • to develop and update the internal knowledge base on the ULUD Products and Services;
  • to provide engineering support to technicians and installers to eliminate local and global problems in the network;
  • to provide efficient troubleshooting;
  • to configure and accept new network sections.