Current Job Openings

Sales Strategy and Operations Analyst

Job description

The ULUD Company is looking for a Sales Strategy and Operations Analyst to join the Team who is dedicated to evolving B2B marketing. The position is located at the interface of two directions – marketing and information technologies. You will be responsible for the collection and analysis of the sales data. Moreover, you will play the role of councilor when there is an important decision making. His/her conclusions are important for forecast management, market place data collection, sales and profitability increase, and disbursement decrease. In general, a Sales Strategy and Operations Analyst is a synthetic position transformed for the modern market requirements. Now, it is extremely important to know how to work with digital analytics tools. You are a perfect fit if you’ve got proficiency in SaaS, a strong analytics background and positive experience with the Sales Analytics.

Key responsibilities

  • to organize regular automated reporting based on retention metrics;
  • to prepare analytical reports at the request of any related Division (to set the necessary communication channels for the related staff);
  • to analyze and forecast sales, to calculate sales plans, to monitor the outcomes of their implementation, to carry out analysis and improvement of the calculation methods;
  • to draw up regulations and instructions on the procedures and methods of planning and accounting in the company;
  • to maintain the data storage in the real state;
  • to develop and optimize the processes of report making;
  • sales analysis and presentation of the outcomes to the Managers;
  • to cooperate with the Product and Services Teams to provide higher levels of retention;


  • 2+ years of experience in Sales Operations and/or Strategy or the same experience in Sales b2b Analytics (SaaS especially preferred);
  • analytical mindset;
  • understanding of sales processes and factors that are in a cause-effect relationship with the sales division efficiency;
  • good command of planning and sales analytics;
  • expertise in statistics packages of data processing and mathematical analytical tools;
  • attentiveness and ability to build cause-effect relations, to see the trends, to forecast the outcomes of the solutions;
  • ability to manage large volume data, to make conclusions on their basis;
  • good command of competitive analysis;