Current Job Openings

Backend Developer

Work description

Backend developers are responsible for the development of the ULUD plugin and for everything related to programmatic administrative support for web applications, internal system maintenance, server technologies - databases, architecture and program logic. Backend developers work hand-in-hand with front-end developers to customize the logic for the external elements of a web application. Position specialists are also working on optimizing applications. Moreover, they often deal with creating solutions for storing large amounts of data in application databases. The database is the most important component of all web applications because it is designed to store information about users and more. Common databases include MySQL / SQLite, Mongo DB, and PostgreSQL. Backend developers rarely work alone; more often they collaborate with UX designers, UI experts and many other members of the ULUD team.

Key responsibilities

  • analyze existing customer systems and develop methods for integrating the product with these systems;
  • develop business logic and server system to support the Product;
  • to create a functional API (cooperation with back-end developers);
  • design and develop a unified library of components for designers and developers;
  • to support and develop the infrastructure tool;
  • develop a user interface.


  • ~ 3+ years of experience in Java;
  • an understanding of front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • skills to work with a large amount of information;
  • the ability to organize a server environment, including database administration and application scalability;
  • knowledge of safety standards.