Current Job Openings

Ad Operations Manager

Job description

The ULUD Company invites a reliable Ad Operations Manager who will be able to combine the roles of strategist, creative specialist, analyst, writer, psychologist, mathematician, designer, and communicator. He/she should combine humanitarian basis, technical knowledge, and creative skills. The humanitarian basis is needed to properly present your ideas, create texts and understand the audience psychology. Technical knowledge is needed to collect and analyze the data. Creative skills are necessary to create novelties – content, advertising, and promotion strategies. Search and analysis are the main tools of such expert, so he/she should have a good command of technologies, strategies, and algorithms of data search and analysis. Ad Operations Manager is to organize a complex of measures to promote the ULUD Product and Services – customer engagement, market research, branding, and image-making. The specialist is to coordinate the advertising campaigns from their creation to launch, from launch to outcomes.

Key responsibilities

  • to create a full strategic plan for an advertising campaign (comprehensive document including related to the promotion strategy, targeted audience and competitors analysis);
  • to control the implementation of the strategic advertising plan;
  • to follow completely different directions for development (payment systems, new social media, programming languages, etc.);v
  • to monitor the market tendencies;
  • to implement legal control over advertising materials so that all of them were in compliance with the Law on advertising;
  • to consider the efficiency of the advertising campaign launched and in the case of unsatisfactory outcomes to correct the implementation of the campaign;
  • to assist Marketing Managers in ensuring campaign goals and objectives.

Qualifications and Skills

  • expertise in managing and implementing various marketing solutions such as A/B testing and sales engagement tools;
  • good analytical skills together with a clear understanding of investment return and funnel management;
  • experience in working with Google Tag Manager;
  • proficiency in SQL or any other similar language;
  • participatory interest in everything new;
  • extremely creative approach;
  • ability to clearly present ideas.