Current Job Openings

Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Job description

Full-Stack Developers work closely together with project analysts and managers to determine the problem and requirements before to start developing a solution. We’ve got an excellent team of developer to develop the most efficient solutions in the domain of performance marketing. The main aim of the Senior Developer is to supervise creating the product and its further testing and debugging. Senior Developer shall do his best to forecast possible problems that may occur in the operation of the Platform, as well as to prevent and/or eliminate errors if they still manifest themselves.

Key responsibilities

  • to play a key role in product development on all the stages;
  • to provide a systematic selection of the most reasonable product vision;
  • to overcome the most complicated challenges;
  • to draw up technical design specifications and instructions on working with programs;
  • to make products comply with the requirement of functional reliability, service, users’ convenience, and customers’ expectations.


  • proficiency in front end technologies such as CSS/HTML, React and SCSS;
  • sufficient experience in programming (Ruby on Rails or Python are extremely preferred, but not required);
  • proficiency in AWS EC2, ELB, ElastiCache, RDS;
  • expertise in schema-based data storage (Postgres, SQL);
  • experience of work with distributed version control internals such as Git, Mercurial and agile development methodologies like XP and Scrum would be your advantages.