Current Job Openings

Technical Account Manager

Job description

Technical Account Manager is responsible for the service and support to our largest clients in creating value with the help of our solutions. TAM is also in charge of the efficiency of the subdivision operation, optimization program development, and quality improvement. You are a perfect fit if you possess organizational skills, you are driven, you like learning new things and helping people, you are able to build good communication channels and to explain complex things in simple words. The clients’ staying with us and their general satisfaction with the operation of the Platform mostly depend on the responsiveness and competence when processing users’ applications. Technical Account Managers best knows the technology and the operation processes and can apply this precious knowledge in leading the clients to their cherished objectives. You are to use the generally developed methodologies to bring our customers to greater profits from their investments.

Key responsibilities

  • to make the department operate in compliance with the accepted standards on the use of the Product and Services of the ULUD company;
  • to control the everyday working operations including rules, procedures and the structure of the informational flow inside of the department;
  • to analyze the everyday working operations to determine possible ways to increase their efficiency;
  • to develop and implement new rules, methods, and standards of work if they are approved by the Managing Directors;
  • to develop and modernize the programs increasing the efficiency and the quality of service;
  • to coordinate main activities with other divisions with the aim to fully meet the requirements of clients;
  • to bear usual managing responsibilities including planning, assessment, organization, integration, and control.