Current Job Openings

Technical Account Manager

Work description

The Technical Account Manager is responsible for serving and supporting our largest clients in creating value with our solutions. TAM is also responsible for unit performance, optimization programs and quality improvement. You are ideal if you have organizational skills, purposefulness, love to learn something new and help people, you know how to build good communication channels and explain complex things in simple words. Clients stay with us and their overall satisfaction with the work of the Platform largely depends on the efficiency and competence in processing custom applications. Technical account managers have the best understanding of technology and manufacturing processes and can apply this valuable knowledge to guide clients towards their cherished goals. You must use generally accepted methodologies to ensure that our clients get a better return on their investment.

Key responsibilities

  • ensure that the department operates in accordance with the accepted standards for the use of ULUD Products and Services;
  • control day-to-day work activities, including rules, procedures and structure of information flow within the department;
  • analyze day-to-day work operations to identify possible ways to improve their efficiency;
  • develop and implement new rules, methods and standards of work, if approved by the Managing Directors;
  • develop and upgrade programs that improve the efficiency and quality of service;
  • coordinate the main activities with other departments in order to fully meet the requirements of customers;
  • carry out normal management responsibilities, including planning, evaluating, organizing, integrating and controlling.