Current Job Openings

Technical Support Engineer

Job Description

Technical Support Engineers serves to the attempts of certain users to solve the problems connected the product or its use. As a properly organized technical support, we always start with the registration of the requests from end-users and serves as a single point of communication between users and the Platform. Therefore, Technical Support Engineers are guardians of the users’ enjoyment and comfort that are the priorities of our work.

Key Responsibilities

  • immediate remote technical support to users;
  • accepting and registration of applications on the defects, the processing of information;
  • ‘first aid’ as for the installation/setting up/ elimination of bugs and failures of the software in accordance with the applications of users;
  • intercommunication with programmers, testing experts, and analytics;
  • to work with APIs, REST payloads, REST endpoints, ULUD, and 3rd party solutions to make recommendations on customer issues;
  • to participate in the project activity in frames of infrastructure development;
  • to reconsider scripts (in Groovy, Python, Java, GO/Lambda);
  • to customize and deploy OpsGenie specific extensions (solutions, tools, etc.);
  • to maintain the knowledge base;
  • to provide ad-hoc support to the ULUD Teams and partners;
  • to participate in the industry-related events on behalf of the company (optionally);
  • to strive for continuous development and career enhancement.