Current Job Openings

Premier Support Engineer, Enterprise

Job description

The ULUD Company is now in search of an Enterprise Support Engineer to make the techno dreams of our Team come true. In this position, you will work as a bridge between the product and our largest customers. You will become a part of the greatest Team of engineers working hard all over the world for the benefit of our customers. You will take the leading role in the processing of applications as well as will work on the development of updates, action plans, and resolution details.

Key responsibilities

  • to accept and to process applications from customers;
  • to primarily diagnose, to analyze the incoming information, to detect and localize errors;
  • to escalate and control the implementation on all the levels of technical support;
  • to organize customer feedback, to analyze applications and make reports on them;
  • to provide technical support to customers and partners;
  • to communicate with customers in the application registration system;
  • to solve complicated technical problems occurring in the operation of the ULUD Product;
  • to search for non-standard solutions;
  • to participate in the operation of additional services;
  • to draw up reporting documents on the job performed.


  • 3+ years of experience in support, software services, and/or system administration for a large end-user community;
  • Proficiency in operating systems (e.g. Linux, OS X, and/or Windows);
  • Good command of networks and relevant technologies, including proxies, load balancers, LDAP, Active Directory, and SSL;
  • Experience with SQL databases;
  • Proficiency in application server technologies (e.g. Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, etc.)
  • Competence in architecture and principles of functioning of modern web-applications;