Current Job Openings

Head of Product Analytics

Job description

It is always needed to make hypotheses on the improvement of the product to develop it. It can be done at the level of guesses but being a highly professional Team we prefer doing so by teasing answers out of the data. Each hypothesis needs to be tested. The test needs to be done on the basis of the data. We have such a great thing as data science to solve all these issues. Therefore, we are in search of a highly competent person to manage data science – the Head of Product Analytics. The main aim of the data analytics to make figures transform into answers or hints on how to improve the product. The Head of Product Analytics will supervise the assessment of the product quality, testing of the product hypotheses, collection of the relevant user feedback and building a roadmap of the product development.

ULUD has an international character of the operation. That is why we need an expert with a broad point of view at the Product Analytics and Development. As Head of Product Analytics, you will supervise a global team of product analysts and data scientists.

Key Responsibilities

  • to take a leading role in analyzing the potential and real effect of changes to the product;
  • to bring Team members together to develop efficient data-driven marketing strategies on the basis of multifaceted analytics;
  • to search for insights and growth zones;
  • to define strong and weak points of the products as well as ‘pains’ of users;
  • to forecast trends and sales levels;
  • to promote the elements of unit-economics (to analyze business indicators and to assess changes on the basis of metrics especially for our business);
  • to build strong relations with top-managers of the company;
  • to enhance the Product Analytics Team through hiring and coaching, training and mentoring.


  • 10+ years of similar experience at the related businesses;
  • Goof command of Data Science (automation of business process);
  • Experience in presenting the data analyzed;
  • Deep and broad knowledge/understanding of all the stages of work with a product (idea, launch, scalability, marketing, and growth);
  • Good command of the approaches, methods, and technologies to implement the advanced product analytics strategies across the ULUD platform
  • Experience in A/B testing (testing business ideas and hypothesis when there is little data or no data at all);
  • Experience with an AWS stack, language-agnostic data processes (Python, SQL, or R integrations), and industry-leading visualization solutions (like Tableau) would be an advantage;
  • Proficiency in Bl-systems data visualization systems to create automatic reports to monitor the efficiency of changes made.