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Abuse policy

ULUD (hereinafter - “the ULUD Platform”, “the Platform”) is a partner marketing platform providing services on the design and management of an affiliate network introduced by ULUD Inc. (hereinafter – “we”, “our”, “us”, “the Company”). The present document makes an integral part of the entire set of documents regulating the operation of the Platform.

ULUD Inc. is committed to establishing a safe and respectful environment for the well-being of all people using its services. The Company strives to bring in guidance and resources for our Team and does not tolerate those actions that may threaten the health, safety or well-being of any person using our services.

ULUD is software as a service (SaaS) partner marketing platform that provides services on the affiliate network establishment and management. ULUD provides everyone with an opportunity to create his/her own CPA network. ULUD supplies SaaS, WHOIS and DNS records for the websites availing themselves to contain our IP addresses. At the same time, ULUD is not a website hosting provider that makes us unable to manage and to delete the information that is hosted not by us from the Internet. Nevertheless, if there is a violation of the rules, we are able to suspend the account of the violator.

Your actions in case of abuse

For ordinary users

You can communicate with us to report abuse through special reporting form. If you do decide to report abuse, we kindly ask you to provide us with as much information as possible. To take all the necessary measures, we need to obtain the description of the content under suspicion, detailed map to the content, and its place on the page. If you consider the content under suspicion to be of a highly sensitive nature (including but not limited to nonconsensual pornography or human trafficking), we ask you to use ‘violent threats and harassment’ tag. 

For law enforcement officials

Law enforcement officials shall contact us directly at [email protected] We ask you to attach your professional ID when communicating. We remind that false impersonating of a law enforcement official is criminalized by law.

Our actions in case of abuse

As ULUD Inc. receives any report on the abuse, we will immediately forward it to the network owner (our client). In our turn in response to a report detailed enough to identify the violator and to prove the violation of the rules ULUD Inc. first will provide the complainant with the contact information to let him/her contact the suspected violator directly. In response to a legitimate request, ULUD Inc. reserves the right to share complaint information with law enforcement officials. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, ULUD Inc. shall block access to the ULUD services or terminate the accounts of the users who have repeatedly violated the rules. Nevertheless, we remind you that ULUD Inc. has no ability to remove content from a website hosted not by us. Please, also mind we only review reports of URLs resolving to ULUD IPs.

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